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TP8s Top-end IR Thermographic Camera

ThermoPro™ TP8 Top-end IR Thermographic Camera
TP8S Top-end IR Thermographic Camera

Improved on the most advanced IR package currently available, ThermoPro™TP8 IR Camera provides another ingenious solution for professional IR thermographers around the world. It features high thermal sensitivity and precise temperature measurement and is particularly suitable for detailed inspection.

Applications of TP8S IR Thermographic Camera

Predictive and preventative maintenance
Electricity inspections
Building diagnostics
Veterinarian helper

Features and Benefits of TP8S IR Thermographic Camera
New-generation high-performance IR detector
Intuitive detachable touch screen& remote control handle
High thermal sensitivity and precise temperature measurement
High-resolution image presentation
Real-time radiometric recording and JPEG image storage
High-speed data transfer via USB2.0
Synchronous video output on VGA LCD screen
OLED viewfinder, VGA display device & TV display device
Ultra-large-capacity 2GB SD memory card
Compact architecture and intuitive touch screen control
Robust post-processing software
License free and rapid delivery

Technical Specifications of TP8S IR Thermographic Camera

Image Performance
Detector Type Focal plane array (FPA) uncooled microbolometer, 384×288 pixels, 35μm
Spectral range 8~14μm
Field of View(FOV) Standard lens 22°×16°/35mm; Optional wide-angle lens 33.4°×25.3°/16mm Optional tele lens 5.5°×4.1°/100mm
Thermal Sensitivity ≤0.08℃ (at 30℃, F#=1.0)
Image Presentation
External Display 3.5″ high resolution color VGA LCD, 640×480 pixels
Image display Thermal image alone/ Visual image alone/ Picture in picture/Image fusion
Temperature Range -20℃ to 600℃ (Up to +2000℃ optional)
Accuracy ±2℃ or ±2% of reading
Measurement Modes Spot, area, isotherm, line profile, auto hot spot, auto alarm
Auto hot/cold spot,auto alarm for temperature above or below; spots,areas displaying
either max,min,or average,vertical&horizontal line profile,delta-t,histogram&isotherm in
live/zoom/frozen/saved image&video Auto hot spot & auto alarm in live/ zoomed image & video; 10 movable spots, 10 movable & changeable areas displaying either max, min, or average, vertical & horizontal line profile, histogram & isotherm in live/zoomed/frozen/saved image & video
Image Storage
Type Removable 2GB SD card or built-in flash memory
Voice Annotation Up to 60 seconds per file
Laser Locator
Classification Type Class 2 semiconductor laser
Power System
Battery Type Rechargeable Li-ion Camcorder battery, filed-replaceable
Battery Operating time Over 2.5 hours continuous operation
Environmental Specification
Operating Temperature -10℃ to 50℃
Storage Temperature -20℃ to 60℃
Encapsulation IP54
USB 2.0 Image transfer to PC
RS232 Communication Control of the camera on PC
Physical Characteristics
Size 186mm×106mm×83mm(standard model)
Weight 1.1kg( including battery & LCD)

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. 
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